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Classic Charcuterie Board Made Allergy Friendly

A charcuterie board is a simple and easy way to wow your guests during cocktail hour! All you need to do is purchase a variety of fresh ingredients and trusted allergy friendly products to pair with your favorite drinks. You can keep it simple or spice it up, but either way, this is a fun and creative way to rock allergy friendly entertainment. Here are our PURE Picks for a stunning charcuterie board spread.


First step, select your board. A large serving platter or wooden board is perfect. Pair it with some smaller bowls, cheese knives, and parchment paper. Our PURE Picks are from Etu Home, make sure to check them out!

Second, select your cheese of choice. A charcuterie board is built around the flavors of the cheese. At PURE Allergy Life, we only use dairy free cheeses, so here are our PURE Pick Favorites for dairy free charcuterie board cheese selections:

Violife Just Like Feta Block (Pro Tip: Coat the cheese in seasonings of your choice and bake for 5-10 minutes or until the cheese is soft)

Violife Just Like Smoked Provolone Slices

Daiya Smoked Gouda Style Block

Daiya Jalepeño Havarti Style Block

Next, add in your favorite cured meats such as prosciutto or salami. Our PURE Pick Favorites are from Applegate Farms:

Applegate Naturals ® Prosciutto

Applegate Naturals® Genoa Salami

You can’t have a charcuterie board without fresh veggies. We love to pair cheese and meats with veggies such as: radishes, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes on the vine, and blanched green beans.

Next, fill in the gaps with crackers and breads of your choice. Here are our PURE Picks for allergy friendly crackers:

365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Original Water Crackers

Milton's Craft Bakers Organic Himalayan Salt Crackers

Asturi Bruschettini, Garlic and Parsley

Asturi Classico Bruschettini, Virgin Olive Oil

Snyder's of Hanover, Old Fashioned Pretzel Dipping Sticks

The last element that makes a charcuterie board is sauces, jams, and spreads. Our PURE Picks Include:

Fig Jam

Tabasco Red Pepper Jelly with Violife Cream Cheese

∙ Sea Salt and Earth Balance Butter (great to pair with radishes)


Arrange all of the elements on the board, making sure to place parchment paper underneath the meats and cheeses in order to not stain the board. Place the veggies around the meats and cheeses, then place bowls of spreads of your choice throughout. Finally, place crackers on the side or arranged amongst the other ingredients. Enjoy this simple, stunning appetizer!

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