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Extra Special Father’s Day Gifts

What could be better than really showing your Father how much you love him by giving him an experience gift for Father’s Day that will be relaxing and memorable instead of a costly gift that may never be used?

At PURE Allergy Life, we are focusing on meaningful gifts for Father’s Day, so here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Plan a special hike on Father’s Day for you and your father or for the whole family to be together.

  2. Surprise your father by making a delicious allergy friendly dinner and dessert. Make sure your father is relaxing and he doesn’t have to lift a finger with dinner prep or clean up!

  3. Give your father Back Rub Certificates - make sure to really keep your promise to do them!

  4. Wash your father’s car and have it looking sparkling! Vacuum the interior too!

  5. Watch a fun movie or sporting event on TV together with allergy friendly popcorn!

  6. Suggest that your father gets some down time during the day or perhaps a nap.

  7. Look at family photos together from the past and reminisce about the wonderful times you have had with him.

  8. Take a bike ride with your father and pack some PURE Pick Allergy Friendly Grab and Go Snacks to munch on when you stop for a rest.

  9. Make a homemade card for your father with a special message.

  10. If you cannot see your father in person, plan a video call with him so it feels like you are together!

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