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PURE Dining Destinations: Boston

Boston is known for incredible seafood options, so below are a list of some of our favorite spots to find the freshest catch. Each place also has non seafood options and strict allergy protocols which make for a safe dining experience. All of these locations were hand picked because of these outstanding allergy protocols and from positive personal dining experiences. Boston is a hub for students, history, careers, & amazing food. However you choose to visit this city, you'll be sure to find a spot that suits your preferences!

Here are 6 of our PURE Pick dining spots in Boston that are fabulous and attention to detail with preparing allergy friendly food options.

Atlantic Fish Company

Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA

​​This restaurant gets a PURE star for above and beyond attention with allergy friendly protocols and reassurance. Servers and managers are very attention to detail and discuss food allergies and which menu options can be prepared safely. Staff reiterate the importance of food allergies and how careful the restaurant is with preparing safe food. Most items on the menu are prepared with olive oil, not butter and in separate pans, made to order. The overall environment at the restaurant is fabulous, the nautical interior feels like you are sitting inside a boat. Outdoor seating is the perfect dining spot during nicer weather where you are immersed with views of Boston’s Back Bay.


Location: Cambridge, MA

The staff and manager were very knowledgeable and helpful when discussing food allergies. They are very attention to detail, direct, and reassuring about everything. The manager works directly with the chef about orders with food allergies. This restaurant is in such a beautiful location right in Cambridge. The roof deck looks over Harvard Square and Cambridge, so it’s the perfect place for a summer night out to dinner.


Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA

Such an elegant restaurant located on the edge of Back Bay. The restaurant staff is very attention to detail about allergies and makes sure to cook everything in a separate, safe area. Larger prepared dishes are able to be made allergy safe which creates a more special dining experience.

Union Oyster House

Location: North End, Boston, MA

Union Oyster House prides itself with being New England’s Oldest Restaurant. The restaurant is entirely peanut and tree nut free because the head chef has a peanut and tree nut allergy. The waitstaff are very attentive to detail and understanding about food allergies. The seafood options at this spot are amazing, it truly feels like a quintessential New England Oyster House.

Ramsay Kitchen

Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA

All food is prepared in a separate area. Fries are able to be made in a pan instead of a fryer basket to prevent cross contamination. The staff is very educated and the manager of the restaurant is extremely helpful for discussing plans to dine with food allergies. This spot is a Gordon Ramsay classic and a must-try spot in Boston.

75 on Liberty Wharf

Location: Seaport, Boston, MA

Located in the heart of Boston Seaport overlooking Boston Harbor, 75 on Liberty Wharf is a great spot for dining out with food allergies. This restaurant is very accommodating with food allergies and has protocols for separate preparation stations. The managers are extremely attention to detail and cautious about food allergies. There are a variety of menu options and simple dishes that can be adapted easily.

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