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PURE Dining Destinations: Cape Cod

Cooking fresh food at home is our preferred choice, but it is always fun to experience dining out on the Cape by using this select list of our favorite restaurants. Take time to talk through your allergies with the restaurants when you make your reservation, and ask for a manager when you arrive to make sure the meal is done safely. Always remember to compliment the dining team if you had a great experience. All the places listed below have gone above and beyond to accommodate our allergies and make the meal memorable.

Impudent Oyster

This Portuguese inspired restaurant serves fresh catch seafood right from the Cape! The staff here are very understanding and attention to detail with food allergies. This has been one of our favorite family spots for years. Some of our PURE Pick Menu Items include: Gambas Al Ajillo (garlic oil shrimp) and sole with potatoes. Everything was delicious and I was so impressed with the reassurance and attention to detail within the restaurant.


The Squire

This is the quintessential Cape Cod restaurant! It is family friendly on one side and a very old school bar on the other side. They serve fresh seafood, prepared in a traditional way. The staff is very used to dealing with food allergies, and they are very accommodating and easy to work with to make the meal safe. Our favorite is baked cod with a baked potato and vegetable - simple and delicious! You haven’t had the true Cape experience without visiting the Squire!


Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar

This is one of our favorite Cape restaurants because of the attention to detail with making sure everything is allergy safe. All of the dishes use fresh cape ingredients and the sushi chefs themselves help to catch the fresh fish. The items on the menu can be accommodated based on allergies and the chefs are always very careful when prepping the food. Everything can be made in a dedicated prep area to avoid cross contamination too. Not only are they attention to detail with seated dining, but takeout orders are marked with allergies and are made sure to be kept separate from other food preparation. There is a second Bluefins location in Falmouth as well!


Twenty-Eight Atlantic

This waterfront restaurant is a must-visit spot for fancy dinner or drinks. The head chefs and servers are extremely cautious with food allergies and very helpful with planning out a dining experience in advance. The restaurant’s menu is tailored to being super flexible and accommodating with dish modifications based on food allergies. The bakery chef can provide additional information about the preparation of the daily bread choice. Twenty-Eight Atlantic is a part of the Wequassett Resort which is one of the nicest spots to stay on the Cape. The resort overlooks Pleasant Bay and is a historic gem.


Beach House Grill, Chatham Bars Inn

This is a stunning restaurant located right at the private beach at Chatham Bars Inn. CBI is a five star resort with a high level of service, so when you book a dining reservation at the Beach House Grill, or any of the other restaurants at CBI, they ask about food allergies and make note of your dietary preferences in your reservation notes. We always take it a step further and discuss the menu in advance with a manager on the phone and upon arrival. At CBI there are families that stay for several days and they work directly with the chef to make sure all of the food is done safely according to their allergies. Additionally, they source their produce from their very own farm located in Brewster.


Viera on Main

Surprisingly there are not very many places in Chatham with outdoor seating, but Viera has a lovely patio with many tables to enjoy the Cape air. They are known for their fresh local seafood and farm-grown vegetables. It is always important to call in to let them know about your allergies so you can keep the meal simple.


Chatham Cookware

This is a great place to pick up a quick snack, drink, or meal! They serve a variety of prepared foods as well as packaged chips and drink options.



Shaved ice with dozens of flavor options. The shaved ice is dairy free and separate from other ice cream choices.


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