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PURE Dining Destinations: USA Favorites

In honor of the 4th of July, here is our Taste of America! We have selected 7 of our PURE Pick favorite restaurants from coast to coast that have been exceptional with food allergies. Every spot has something unique to offer, so make sure to add them to your restaurant list or travel itinerary!


Atlantic Fish Company

Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA

​​This restaurant gets a PURE star for above and beyond attention with allergy friendly protocols and reassurance. Servers and managers are very attention to detail and discuss food allergies and which menu options can be prepared safely. Staff reiterate the importance of food allergies and how careful the restaurant is with preparing safe food. Most items on the menu are prepared with olive oil, not butter and in separate pans, made to order. The overall environment at the restaurant is fabulous, the nautical interior feels like you are sitting inside a boat. Outdoor seating is the perfect dining spot during nicer weather where you are immersed with views of Boston’s Back Bay.


Market Table

Location: New York City, NY

Menu plan for allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts:

Everything done in separate clean pans.

NY Strip Steak

Pan seared Fingerling Potatoes with olive oil

Pan seared Asparagus with olive oil

Manager was very helpful and reassuring on the phone ahead of time. She even had severe food allergies too, so she took our requests very seriously. This made us feel comfortable to move forward with the reservation. Upon arrival, the manager worked with us the whole time to take the order and talk to the chef about what precautions would be taken. The manager brought out the specially prepared plate. This is always a good sign that the manager is “on it,” overseeing the meal from start to finish.


Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar

Location: Chatham, MA

This is one of our favorite Cape restaurants because of the attention to detail with making sure everything is allergy safe. All of the dishes use fresh cape ingredients and the sushi chefs themselves help to catch the fresh fish. The items on the menu can be accommodated based on allergies and the chefs are always very careful when prepping the food. Everything can be made in a dedicated prep area to avoid cross contamination too. Not only are they attention to detail with seated dining, but takeout orders are marked with allergies and are made sure to be kept separate from other food preparation.



Location: Lone Tree, CO

The American/Southwestern influenced cuisine at Sierra is easy to modify for food allergies. The manager is very knowledgeable and reassuring when calling in advance and upon arrival when requesting a manager to assist with allergy communication. Sierra is a fun, lively atmosphere nestled in a stunning indoor/outdoor setting that really captured the essence of Colorado living.


Tii Gavo

Location: Sedona, AZ

The staff here are exceptional and so reassuring about food allergies. Specifically, the chef is able to modify full dishes on the menu according to specific allergens and discuss everything face to face. The level of attention to detail here is unmatched. We highly recommend any drink with prickly pear! Everything at Tii Gavo is so well done, definitely a must-visit spot in AZ.


Rosewood Grill

Location: Hudson, OH

Such a great spot to eat with family and friends. The staff and chefs are very accommodating with food allergies. Talking with the manager and chef in advance is an option so you can plan your meal out in advance. There is great communication between staff members and chef, so all allergy information is relayed clearly. For dinnertime, it is easy to order a steakhouse style meal with protein, potato, and veggie that can be accommodated easily.


El Encanto

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

This gorgeous restaurant and hotel is a dream spot in Cali. Restaurants in California have special protocols revolving around food allergies, so this spot is extra attention to detail. Upon visiting here, the head chef spoke with us and offered to give a tour of the kitchen to display the safe allergy preparation section. Exceptional service and such a special restaurant.


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