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PURE Dining Destinations: Vermont and New Hampshire

Eating in the mountains with style.

PURE Allergy Life took a road trip to Vermont and New Hampshire recently and we have two incredible allergy friendly PURE dining destinations to check out!

During our three day road trip, we did not want to eat out every meal because it can be stressful navigating the menus at multiple restaurants. Our advice is to select a few really special places to eat for dinner and make your own food for breakfasts and lunches.

We packed our trusty Koolatron plug in cooler in the back of our car and stocked it with favorite simple trip foods. For breakfast, we made our Vegan Kuchen Coffee Cake and banana bread, along with orange juice and fresh fruit. For lunch, we packed veggie wraps, using our Bean Dip and tomates, arugula, red onion, avocado, and Violife Smoked Provolone. Wrap all of the ingredients in a wrap of your choice, which can be GF if needed. We also had our favorite Grab and Go Snacks and lots of Cape Cod Chips, which are naturally GF!


Here are our top PURE Dining Destinations for Vermont/New Hampshire:


The Chop House

At The Equinox Resort and Spa

Manchester, VT

Inside and outside dining at this stunning restaurants located at the historic Equniox Resort. We followed our dining out protocols and we called in advance to book the reservation and spoke to a Manager about the menu. We selected our entrees in advance with the Chef so everyone was on the same page about our allergies. It is easiest to pick a protein, starch, and vegetable and have everything cooked separately with olive oil in clean pans.

Upon our arrival, the Chef came to our table and went over our order in detail. He also brought out our food and confirmed how everything was prepared. It was very reassuring and the food was amazing!


Stickney’s Restaurant

At the Omni Mount Washington Resort

Bretton Woods, NH

This is a stunning hotel destination that has many restaurants available to guests. We experienced dining at Stickney’s. The views of Mount Washington and the White Mountains are spectacular as you dine!

We called in advance and the Head Chef personally called us back to go over our allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and quinoa. He was very knowledgeable about allergies and he said they have many allergy needs each day. We selected the entrees with the Chef so he was prepared in advance for our meal.

Upon arrival at Stickney's we asked for a Manager to follow the whole meal through with the server. This is always the best way to make sure the whole staff is attention to detail with the ordering process. We picked a protein, starch, and vegetable and everything was cooked separately with olive oil in clean pans. It was a delicious and safe experience!

These two stops in Vermont and New Hampshire are our PURE Picks for a great mountain road trip experience.

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