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PURE Packing Essentials

The next step towards planning a trip with food allergies is packing essentials that will keep you safe, clean, and prepared. Here are some of our PURE Pick go-to travel essentials and tips for traveling with food allergies.

When traveling, we feel that packing is one of the most important parts. Whether you are traveling abroad or locally, you might not be able to find all of your go-to products in-store. Having the essentials packed and available at your fingertips makes the world of a difference. Here are the things that are always packed when we travel along with our tips for cooking and food preparation before and while you’re away from home.

Traveling with food allergies can feel daunting, but through planning ahead, packing thoughtfully, and doing your research, you can make trips memorable despite managing food allergies.

List of packing essentials:

Other travel essentials:

  • Allergen cards or translation cards for international travel (we recommend Equal Eats cards)

  • Large cooler packed with safe meals and products ahead of time. It helps to have safe foods packed for large trips in order to ensure that we always have access to allergy friendly meals. PURE Pick: Koolatron

  • Order a cheap toaster oven from Target or Amazon and ship it to your hotel (little tip from PURE that’s a game changer). You can cook almost anything with a toaster oven in the room, so it has become an essential for all our trips.

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