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PURE Pantry Staples

The key to a streamlined pantry is to keep it clean and organized!

Clear canisters look simple and pure for some staples, but an allergy free pantry is best in the original packaging so you can always double check the ingredients again if needed.

Keep your pantry organized with bins for Allergy Friendly Grab and Go Snacks.

Having these simple ingredients on hand in your pantry makes it easy for trying new recipes at home.


Allergy Friendly Pantry Staples:

Flour - All-Purpose or Gluten Free

Sugar - Simple and pure.

Vegetable Shortening- A great choice for baking instead of butter.

Molasses - Great for cookies!

Brown Sugar - Our favorite is dark brown sugar for it has more depth and flavor.

Baking Soda - Go-to leavening product. Buy an extra one to pop in your refrigerator to absorb the food odors. Leave the box open or transfer the contents of one box into a Ball jar so it looks more attractive.

Baking Powder - Go-to leavening product.

Vanilla - Must be PURE vanilla extract!

Oats - Our go-to brand is Quaker Oats, but if you have a Gluten Allergy you should try a special GF variety.

Cornmeal - Great for pizza crusts and cornbread!

Spices - PURE Pick - Our go-to brand is McCormick!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This is used multiple times a day for all of our cooking.

PURE Pantry Pick: California Olive Ranch.

Canola Oil - This is an easy, safe substitute for melted butter in baking recipes and great for sautéing if you do not have Olive Oil. We use Crisco brand.

Honey - Delicious on a piece of toast, or added to sweeten tea or your homemade salad dressing. Dozens of uses.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips - A must for cookies, ice cream topper, and even waffles or pancakes.

White Vinegar - This pure ingredient is amazing. It is used for baking allergy friendly baked goods and dressings. It also doubles as a pure cleaning agent for your house. You can dilute it with 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar and clean surfaces and glass or use it straight for stubborn grime and lime deposits from hard water residue.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Go-to for salad dressings, recipes, and overall health benefits.

White Wine Vinegar - Perfect for homemade salad dressings.

Rice Milk, Soy Milk, or Oat milk - Pick your favorite dairy free milk and use it anytime a recipe calls for milk. Mix it with Hershey's chocolate sauce for chocolate milk or hot cocoa. Who needs dairy when there are amazing dairy free healthier options.

Peppermint Tea - PURE’s go-to hot drink. Peppermint calms the gut and is soothing. It is naturally caffeine free so drink as much as you want because it will keep you hydrated too. Stash is our favorite.

Coffee - Always good to have for the coffee lovers. Add dairy free creamers like Silk or Ripple.

Applesauce - Easy, safe substitute for eggs in baking recipes. We love Mott's

White Rice - Always safe and easy to pair with veggies and a protein for a quick meal.

Instant Yeast - A must-have ingredient for fresh bread, pizza dough, or any other baked treat.

Dried Pasta (PURE Pantry Pick: Barilla; GF option) Everyone loves pasta and it’s easy to make and safe at home!

Ketchup - Go for Simply Heinz for a healthier choice without corn syrup.

Mustard - Love classic yellow mustard on our Applegate Farms Hotdogs along with Ketchup; also Grey Poupon is delicious and always needed for homemade salad dressings. Try it with your roasted potatoes for an alternative to ketchup!

Maple Syrup - Necessary for pancakes, baking, or salad dressings!

Non-Stick Foil - Must have for grilling and sheet pan cooking.

Parchment Paper - Must have for baking and sheet pan cooking.

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