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Road Trips Rock

Travel can be challenging and daunting with food allergies. The easy choice is to stay home, but this means you cannot explore new places. So, push yourself to go outside of your comfort zone and see different places and experience new things. Living with food allergies does not mean that you have to limit yourself. Instead, get your PURE Travel PACK on and let’s go!






Knowledge is Power

Now you have the resources you need to make your trip a success!


If you have never traveled with food allergies before, start slowly and take a day trip. Make a plan to drive within 2 hours from your home to see new sites. This is a very doable type of travel because you can have your car as your home base. Invest in a Kooltron Plug In Cooler which will plug right into your AC plug (most are in the back end of cars or in the middle counsel). This cooler will give you the freedom to bring any perishables with you for the day.

Pack allergy safe food and beverages and everything will stay cold! The bonus is the cooler keeps running when the car is turned off. If you bring it on a longer overnight trip, you can also bring it into the hotel as a refrigerator that can also plug into a wall outlet.

Bring Hand Wipes, and Purell to wash up before eating, and that’s all you need for a fun travel day!

For weekend car trips that are 2-3 nights, see the above information and pack more food! Fill multiple bags with non-perishable foods and the plug in cooler with the perishable items and go!


Menu Ideas for Travel:


We like to pack big pieces of our favorite allergy friendly breakfast treat, Kuchen Coffee Cake. Pair with fresh fruit that has been pre-chopped and placed in an airtight container and stored in your Kooltron Plug In Cooler, along with Orange Juice.

Packing List:

Kuchen Coffee Cake pre cut into squares and wrapped in foil.

・Fresh fruit (strawberries, grapes, melon cut up)

・Orange Juice

・Paper napkins, cups, plates, and cutlery

・Packaged cereal

・Dairy Free Milk



Keep it simple and make sandwiches, your favorite burritos, or bagels and dairy free cream cheese. Pair with fresh fruit, our Bean Dip, and Allergy Friendly Grab and Go Snacks.

Here are PURE Picks:

Bagels and Dairy free cream cheese (PURE Pantry Pick: Violife Just Like Cream Cheese; Pepperidge Farm Plain Bagels)

Washed and chilled grapes and cut fruit.

Washed and chilled grapes and cut fruit

Allergy Friendly Grab and Go Snacks



Check out Eating Out with Food Allergies Article for advice on how to navigate eating out while traveling and our PURE Dining Destinations.

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