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Our founders, Catherine Walker and Inga Walker, have first hand experience for decades living the food allergy lifestyle and having to navigate food allergy situations daily. They have learned the importance of embracing what you can eat and focus on creating and eating safe, healthy meals at home.  PURE Allergy Life shares our founder's personal experiences and knowledge in order to provide inspiration for those who are also living with food allergies. They understand the lifelong challenges of managing food allergies. Sharing their story is at the forefront of PURE Allergy Life's mission as a company representing the food allergy community.

As a mother-daughter team, they were driven to create PURE Allergy Life as a result of living every day navigating their own food allergy life. Over the years, they have learned that taking control of their lifestyle was the key to living freely with food allergies. PURE Allergy Life's unique take on this lifestyle incorporates creating healthy meals using whole foods and embracing the gift of natural ingredients and products. This platform is an opportunity to inspire, empower, and connect everyone who is living with food allergies, intolerances, and dietary restrictions. 


PURE Allergy Life Video

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